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The Big Lebowski – How to make a White Russian

If you have seen the cult movie The Big Lebowski (1998), you know that Jeffrey Lebowski (played by Jeff Bridges) a.k.a the Dude loves drinking White Russians, which he does 9 times. The White Russian is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream served over ice, which became popular since the awesome comedy classic of the Coen brothers was released.

The White Russian was created about 50 years ago in Belgium and took its name from its main ingredient’s origin: vodka. It is common to substitute the cream for milk (and milk for milk powder if you are Lebowski). In any case, both make it a really easy to drink cocktail.

What you need to make the Dude’s favorite drink

  • Ice
  • 4 cl vodka
  • 4 cl coffee liqueur
  • 2 to 3 cl light cream or milk

Simply pour all ingredients directly in the glass, over the ice. Stir gently with a mixer stick or a straw cut in half. Lebowski doesn’t care about how much of each ingredient he puts inside, actually even about which ones he uses and you are welcome to do so. You can’t really mess this cocktail up and that is maybe why he likes it so much: that’s not bowling, there are no rules!

The Lebowski Challenge

If you have determination and everything you need to make this drink, you could be interested in the Lebowski Challenge. It is a simple game, that you can play at a party with shooters: while watching the movie, whenever the Dude drinks a White Russian, you drink one too.

So enjoy your drink and don’t forget to go bowling!


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