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DIY – Disney-inspired Drink Coasters

If you’re looking for an easy homemade gift idea for a Disney fan (or yourself), check out this little craft I’ve made recently: these Disney-inspired drink coasters will look adorable and colorful on your surfaces as much as they will be protecting them. I tried to make the patterns as simple as possible and I like how the characters get recognizable when they are all together. So make some room for Mickey Mouse and his friends on your table and they will surely brighten your day!

What you need to make your Disney coasters

  • 6 cork coasters

  • paint – red, black, white, blue, yellow, violet, orange and green

  • a pen

  • paintbrushes

  • some acrylic transparent gloss varnish

  • a ruler

  • a coin or any round shape

You won’t need long to put this craft together, but be aware that the drying parts and the change of paint will ask for a bit of time and organization especially if you decide to paint all coasters at once.

How to do it

For this painting craft you basically just need to follow the patterns you can see on the picture, but here’s a few tips which can help saving time and do-overs:

  • Apply paint twice – one layer was not enough to completely cover the cork.

  • Mickey’s coaster cut a small oval piece of paper and use it to create the contour of Mickey’s pants buttons.

  • Minnie’s coaster – you can use a coin to shape the polka-dots of Minnie’s dress which will make them even.

  • Don’t hesitate to use the ruler for regular lines and the pen to separate the different parts to paint.

  • I painted the back of the coaster (just once) in one color to make it fitting.

  • Don’t skip the varnish part – it is necessary to protect the coasters, revive the colors and bring a nice glossy finish. Just apply it on the front: it would make the back slippery.

This idea can be used for a child’s birthday party for example and with a lot of other cartoonscharacters: why not trying out with all your favorite ones?

Get crafting and see you soon!

Disney Coaster presentation


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