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DIY – Overwatch Play of the Game Frame

I am a big fan of the video game Overwatch! For Christmas I made a “play of the game” frame for my boyfriend, with his favorite character and map, and put his face on it. I want to share it with you because I think it is quite a funny DIY to make and a big honor for an Overwatch player. Plus, this homemade gift looks really personal and special !


  • a wooden frame

  • paint – white, orange and another color of your choice

  • 2 paintbrushes – a really thin one and a larger one

  • some image editing program like PhotoFiltre (you can download it here) or Photoshop

  • a way to print standard size photos

Frame tutorial

  • Paint the frame in grey or any color you like.

  • Then write “play of the game” on top with the white paint and the thin paintbrush and draw the white part of the Overwatch logo. Complete it with the orange paint.

  • Let the paint dry.

  • Pick a character and a map you like from the video game Overwatch and get a picture of both.

  • With the image editing program, you will need to merge the map picture with the character picture.

How to create your picture with Photofiltre

  1. Choose the map picture for Background and add the character picture as Layer 1. Adjust the sizes (right click on the layer, “redim layer“): the background has to fit in dimensions to a standard size photo. Place you character picture on the right, like the real Overwatch Play of the game screen.

  2. Now you want to erase all the parts of the layer which are unnecessary around the character:

    • either use the transparent color tool, which will “delete” the parts in the color you choose – this is the fast way but can be quite tricky

    • or use the erase tool on layer 1, you can erase pixel by pixel the parts of the layer you don’t want – this takes more time but is more precise

  1. You can also use the smudge tool with a small radius to make the parts which are too sharp smoother.

    Photofiltre tools

  2. Merge Layer 1 with the background (right click on Layer 1 picture, then “merge with previous layer”)

  3. Following the same principle as in step 2 add the picture with your face or your friend’s on the character face. Merge it with the rest.

  4. Add the texts : “player’s ID” in yellow and under it “as “name of the hero you’ve chosen”” in white and a bit smaller (don’t forget to merge them with your background again). You can find the Overwatch font for free on

    Redim Layer & Merge with previous layer

  5. Save your final picture (in JPEG).
  6. Print it. If you don’t have any printer, you can print it in some shops for a few cents in good quality. (DM – Germany: 25cts).

  7. Put the picture in your frame and you’re done 🙂

The nice thing is that if you want to create a new picture with a different map, player’s ID or hero, the frame doesn’t get obsolete and you won’t have to make it again. Don’t hesitate to share a picture of this craft if you make it! 😀

Have fun and be play of the game forever!

Eklek Tick as D.VA


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