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Solidhair – a haircut against cancer

You have long hair and need a haircut? Why not giving them to a charity?

It’s the occasion during this warm summer to get a fresh and new haircut and at the same to help someone in need. Several charities offer to provide real hair wigs to women and children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. Money is not the only way to help others: if your hair is long (at least 20 to 25 cm or 10 to 14 inches) and not processed (colored or dyed), you can send it to one of these charities for example :




Little Princess Trust


Haare Spenden


Cuts Against Cancer

It is a simple gesture but why throwing your hair away if you can give it to help someone who no long have his and need it so badly? Wigs are often really expensive!

Also, if you know friends who want to cut their hair, suggest them this idea! It’s free and no subscription are required.

I cut my hair a few weeks ago and I am really satisfied with this new haircut! I hope this will make someone else as happy as how it made me.

Me before and after my haircut - Eklek Tick Blog

So cut it and donate it! Be solidhair!


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